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Checkpoint Peace is the collaboration between Vitsche, Berlin and Platform Tu, Mariupol. Both organizations have experience in public actionism, culture and arts, and non-formal education, sharing the same values and principles. The project is the reaction on 1 year of full-scale invasion, and both partner institutions teamed up to address one of the most difficult topics - pacifism, memory, and peace.


Vitsche is a Berlin-based organisation founded by young Ukrainians in Germany. Its mission is to make integrate Ukraine into the European cultural and social discourse. From January 30th till now, Vitsche has organised 60 demonstrations, political actions and more than 100 cultural, educational, networking and fundraising events. Vitsche has various social media channels with around 30,000 followers, providing educational campaigns and content informing the Ukrainian and German communities about current and vital issues ( Their most successful projects focused on decolonisation and reflecting the soviet dictatorship's crimes. Vitsche role is to implement the project on German territory and to adopt the ideas and actions for the German political and public space.

Kateryna Tarabukina
Program manager
Kateryna Demerza
Project manager
Kateryna Reka
SM manager

Platform Tu ("Azov Development" NGO, Mariupol, Ukraine) has the mission of promoting human rights and freedoms through inclusive culture and modern arts, and developing critical thinking and tolerance in Ukrainian society. In 2016 the organization opened the “Platform TU” in Mariupol - the only independent art-space in Eastern Ukraine, where underground culture, innovative ideas, human rights and freedoms are dominant values. For 6 years Platform Tu was the center for local activism and grasstoots culture, and non-formal education for teenagers from vulnerable groups. Since the beginning of invasion, we have managed to survive and evacuate, although our city and our space was destroyed. We work in exile, conducting volunteer work, helping refugees, evacuating people and animals, fundraising, collaborating with European institutions, and supporting the relocated teenagers.

Diana Berg
Project coordinator


Yuta Korhun
Project manager
Vira Protskyh
Program manager
Irina Berezneva
Financial Manager
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