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Remember Ukrainian victims of
the Second World War:
Commemorative march.

The Second World War claimed the lives of at least 5 million people in Ukraine. Post-war famine, deportations, and political purges added to the suffering. Millions of Ukrainians gave their lives for the victory over Nazism – and remained unknown to the world.

russia appropriated both the contribution of Ukrainians to the victory and the price that was paid for it. russia's annual festival of "We Can Do It Again" dishonors the memory of the fallen and perverts the great tragedy into a propaganda tool.

On this day of remembrance, we are organizing a commemorative march, with black clothes and songs of sorrow. We must make it clear: Ukrainians know the cost of war, and know how to honor the sacrifice of the brave and the tragedy of the innocent. We may have no memorials in Berlin, but we will show that we do have memory.

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