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During the "No Freedom No Peace/Ohne Freiheit kein Frieden" demonstration, a performance called "Real PEACEdemo" will be organized at the Brandenburg Gate. Its goal is to problematize pacifist discussions in Germany.

Freedom, democracy, and peace exist as long as they are fought for and protected. Recently, a large number of people in Germany have emerged who deny these simple truths. For them, freedom is a historical given that does not need to be fought for, democracy is the opportunity to spread misinformation, calling it freedom of speech, and peace is the possibility of compromise with aggressors and dictators.

These theses may exist within the bounds of public discussion or private conversation over wine, but they lose weight when confronted with reality.

Our performance is an attempt to remind that freedom, democracy, and peace are not reasons to discuss in pleasant company or to write a controversial article, but values for which a huge price has already been paid. Part of this price is the lives of Ukrainians who do not have the privilege of discussing values and leveling them in conversations, as they stand for them before the embodiment of evil.

The performance is part of the project Checkpoint.Peace by Viche and Platform TU Mariupol.

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